Mentors are an essential part of our culture - we’re looking for passionate, like-minded industry professionals who want to give back and share their wisdom & expertise to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs in Pakistan’s fast growing tech ecosystem
Real Support for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial Advice, Industry-Specific Knowledge and Personal Connections
Real Support for Early Career Talent
Professional Development, Industry-Specific Career Guidance, Network Access
We are honored to have a thriving network of mentors at Venture for Pakistan. With storied careers and diverse backgrounds, this group will help the ecosystem through hands-on deep dives & masterclasses, 1:1 mentorship, and keynotes. They believe in what we are building and we could not achieve our mission without them. Our amazing mentors include:
Syed Arslan Burney
Product Manager
Muneeb Ahmad
Software Engineer
Mustafa Zaffer
Global Ops
Samee Zahid
Engineering Lead
Hannia Zia
Product Manager
Saad Hirani
Strategic Finance Lead
Saif Jilani
Software Development Engineer
Saad Khatri
Product Manager
Usman Masood
Product Partnerships Lead
Hashim Syed
Senior Growth Account Manager
Mentors have a tangible impact on all types of entrepreneurs, from creative college students, to aspiring founders, to early-stage startups in our ecosystem. It’s a chance to give back – to support the community and freely share your expertise with a team you believe in:
Support and Guide the Founders of Today and Tomorrow